Halbleiterbauelemente (FS 2022)


Prof. Colombo Bolognesi

Lecture Contents 


Understanding of the basic principles of semiconductor devices in micro-, opto-, and power electronics.


  • Brief survey of the history of microelectronics.
  • Basic physics: crystal structure of solids, properties of silicon and other semiconductors, principles of quantum mechanics, band model, conductivity, dispersion relation, equilibrium statistics, transport equations, generation-recombination (G-R).
  • Quasi-Fermi levels: physical and electrical properties of the pn-junction. 
  • Pn-diode: characteristics, small-signal behaviour, G-R currents, ideality factor, junction breakdown.
  • Contacts: rectifying barrier. 
  • Bipolar transistor: operation principles, modes of operation, characteristics, models, simulation.
  • MOS devices: band diagram, MOSFET operation, CV- and IV characteristics, frequency limitations and non-ideal behaviour.  

Lecture Time:

Wednesday  10:00 – 12:00, NO C 60

(First lecture on Wednesday, 23.02.2022)


Mondays 16:00 – 18:00, To be defined

(First exercise on Monday, 28.02.2022)


Dr. Tamara Popovic

Rimjhim Chaudhary

Filippo Ciabattini

Amirmohammad Miran Zadeh

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